• Janna


    VP Investment Management at Rocket Internet

  • Semi Kim

    Semi Kim

  • James.orchard


  • Rafael Aregger

    Rafael Aregger

  • Guga Stocco

    Guga Stocco

    Hacking Business Models to Create a Better Future

  • Brinda A. Thomas, Ph.D.

    Brinda A. Thomas, Ph.D.

    A tech lady of letters. Clean energy, data science, space

  • Wendy S. Lea

    Wendy S. Lea

    Girl with deep southern roots, Board member at Techstars and Xyleme, Advisor to PGV, University of Miami, Ohio. Mentor to Rise of the Rest Network

  • Shubha Chakravarthy

    Shubha Chakravarthy

    Irrepressibly curious | Ex-banker | 2nd career entrepreneur | Making finance more human

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