Recapping Connetic activity and investments in 2020

2020 was quite a year. It affected us all and has impacted the way we live and do business for the foreseeable future. When looking just at Connetic’s business, 2020 was a net positive for us as our model of being a completely digital VC allowed us to not miss a beat and evaluate more deals than usual. This is a trend that we hope continues as more and more relationships and deals will be done virtually.

Last year, we saw nearly 2,500 companies and had 1111 formal applications (up 54% from 2019) through Wendal (our proprietary AI platform) since launching in April of last year. Wendal acts as our initial analyst and automatically feeds us companies that fit our model and we are likely to write checks to. …


Connetic Ventures

Connetic Ventures is an early-stage VC firm that leverages data, machine learning, and behavioral science to remove bias from the investing process

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