No Pitch? No Phone Call? No Coffee Meeting? A Robot Analyst?!?!?!?


“What data do you use to train your AI?”

3 key pillars we used to build our early-stage VC investment strategy

Credit: Unsplash

My goal would be to increase deal flow so much that we would write more checks in April than any month in our history, and I believe we can do that and we want to do that, so if you…

Given all of the uncertainty in public and private markets, there have been numerous headlines and reports of VCs hitting pause during the coronavirus epidemic. At Connetic, we have been operating as a remote VC for the past 2 years with a completely digital investing process so very little has changed for us. We are still writing checks and looking to see as many opportunities as we can.

We weren’t sure if we were alone. So, we thought it would be helpful to check in with a few other early-stage VCs to see how they are adapting to the pandemic and to see if anything has changed in their world.

Connetic Ventures

Connetic Ventures is an early-stage VC firm that leverages data, machine learning, and behavioral science to remove bias from the investing process

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