5 Ways Corporations Can Move Beyond Incremental Innovation

So, I think some backdrop is in order. I live, work, and play in a small-town community in the middle of the country called Union. Union is in the northern part of an agricultural state (KY) and is a southern suburb of the metropolitan area of Cincinnati, OH. Needless to say, if you live outside of this area, you already know or believe, we are probably not a leader of corporate innovation and disruption. …

Who are startup founders? What makes them tick? And why are some more successful than others?

This is Volume 2 of our special Founder Data Series where we dive into everything we know about startup founders. In this edition, we explore founder experience, promptness, and personality. You can view the first edition here.

At Connetic Ventures, when a startup applies for funding, we capture nearly 400 proprietary data points on the company and founder. The data is both inputs from companies and data derived from APIs and backend algorithms. …

No Pitch? No Phone Call? No Coffee Meeting? A Robot Analyst?!?!?!?

We get many questions and reactions from startup founders when we tell them that our initial intake process is 100% automated and allows us to get to a Yes or No in 15 minutes or less. And other funds just think we’re crazy which generally tells us we are onto something 😎.

It’s hard to unpack the full story in an email so we wanted to write a post for perspective founders highlighting the What, Why, and What’s Next of our investment process.


Our HQ is located in one of the most prolific tech investing hotspots in the entire United…

By: Kyle Schlotman, Managing Partner and CIO of Connetic Ventures

It is amazing how time flies by, it feels like just yesterday I was leaving my stable job with great benefits, in Corporate America, to journey out into the world of Venture Capital.

Despite knowing very little about the industry, being a Venture Capitalist had been my professional dream since I was a teenager. Investing money in disruptive technologies while meeting extremely smart, interesting people in the process? Who wouldn’t want to go into that industry? …

We are excited to announce the launch of Connetic’s Scout Program. For our Scout Program, we have selected 4 of our portfolio founders to participate in 2021 with the goal of expanding to more of our founders once we have optimized this for Connetic and the participants.

Scout Programs are well established for Coastal VCs but are rare for small funds located between the coasts. The general purpose of a Scout program is to leverage networks of Scouts to identify and source high-quality startups that a fund may not find on its own. Scouts can be former founders, portfolio founders…

Recapping Connetic activity and investments in 2020

2020 was quite a year. It affected us all and has impacted the way we live and do business for the foreseeable future. When looking just at Connetic’s business, 2020 was a net positive for us as our model of being a completely digital VC allowed us to not miss a beat and evaluate more deals than usual. This is a trend that we hope continues as more and more relationships and deals will be done virtually.

Last year, we saw nearly 2,500 companies and had 1111 formal applications (up 54% from 2019)…

“What data do you use to train your AI?”

This is a question we get asked frequently from both potential investors and startups when they learn that we use an AI bot to help us make Venture Capital investments.

For a bit of background before we dive in, nearly 2 years ago we launched Wendal, our AI / ML platform that automates due diligence on early-stage startups. We came up with the idea for Wendal because we are located in Covington, Kentucky (not a hotbed for unicorns), and wanted to build software to source and evaluate startups from all over North America.

To learn more about Wendal and how…

3 key pillars we used to build our early-stage VC investment strategy

Credit: Unsplash

At Connetic, we use data for everything. We use data to evaluate companies, build our asset allocation model, and create our fund investment thesis. In this post, I wanted to elaborate on the specific data points that built our investment thesis for our current fund, Connetic Ventures Fund.

The three main pillars of our investment thesis are:

Diversification — As the number of investments grow, the likelihood of generating positive returns increases

Value — In underserved markets, you can get 1.5 to 2x more share for your money without sacrificing the potential for outsized returns

Follow-On — Follow-on investments typically…

Who are startup founders? And why are some more successful than others?

In prior posts, we have talked about our process at Connetic Ventures and gone into detail about Wendal™ our proprietary machine learning platform for deal ingestion and diligence.

At Connetic Ventures, when a startup applies for funding we capture nearly 400 proprietary data points on the company and founder. The data is both inputs from companies and data derived from backend algorithms. …

Unbiased. Transparent. Efficient.

Connetic Ventures is an early-stage Venture Capital fund that uses data and technology to remove bias, increase efficiency, and make smarter investments.

We have created two pieces of proprietary technology (Wendal and StartupDNA) to automate due diligence and create a fair funding process for all founders. Not only do we update our algorithm monthly, we continuously monitor it for fairness to ensure that every company has an equal shot at funding.

2.5 years ago, we ditched “The Pitch” for good. …

Connetic Ventures

Connetic Ventures is an early-stage VC firm that leverages AI to remove bias, move fast, and provide transparency in the investing process

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